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Special Issue published 


Legal Issues Journal publishes a special issue on legal and ethical implications of latest advancements genomics. The genomic and digital era we currently live in has brought implications for justice that require immediate action by societies.


Read more…







A publication on DNA-related risks to human rights:

The paper: ‘Genetic data misuse: risk to fundamental human rights in developed economies’ addresses the threats to fundamental human rights in the genomic era.

– Privacy and data protection risks in the genetic era. – Main genetic discrimination threats. – How we can protect people from genetic discrimination. The paper: Genetic data misuse: risk to fundamental human rights in developed economies, published in Legal Issues Journal, explains how fundamental human rights are now under serious threat from misuse of genetic data – the ‘gold mines’ of the 21st century.  The paper outlines a number of steps that can be takento minimise harm and increase benefits for all people. Read more… 

iMAC Digital completed with success


The first International Digital Mooting/advocacy competition, completed with success. 12 winners received certificates of achievement. Read more…

The UKLSA starts preparing lawyers for the digital era


This year the UKLSA commenced a large project of equipping lawyers with skills for the digital era – organising:

iMAC Digital, International Moot & Advocacy Competition – Digital


The UKLSA secures 25% discounts on a number of courses


Since 2016, the UKLSA has managed to secure a significant discount for its early career members – all UK lawyers and law students at prequalifying stage – for a number of short courses in different fields: Goldsmiths AIR short coursesRead more…



UKLSA successfully completed the largest Inter-university Moot-court and Advocacy Competition in Europe

  For more information on our Inter-Institutional Advocacy/Mooting Competition visit the advocacy page. Final held at the UK Supreme Court





Our Journal, the Legal Issues Journal, has now a new website

We designed a new website for Legal Issues Journal to make it easier for visitors to obtain information.   In the new website we now make available for free all article Abstracts. This is to provide those interested with the opportunity of knowing about the content of the article before purchasing it.  The incredible generosity of the Editorial Board and the rest of the team, make possible for our prices to remain nominal.   





The UKLSA Governors are delighted to welcome Dr Markus McDowell to the Board of Governors.




UKLSA is pleased to announce the re-design of its website, and acknowledges the support of CrowdSkills.

The website was redesigned to make it more user-friendly for our visitors and to enable us to provide more online support to our members.



UKLSA joins BPP in organising a National Mock Trial Competition.

“As our National Inter-Institutional Advocacy / Mooting Competition entails advocacy as applied in higher courts (on legal points), and as our competition accommodates one team per Institution (generally the winners of internal competitions), we are delighted to join efforts with BPP in organising this Mock Trial competition.”



UKLSA’s 7th Annual National Advocacy and Moot Inter-university Competition – a great success

The Grand Final was held at the Supreme Court and judged by the first President of the Supreme Court, Lord Phillips. Read report here.



Mr Isaac Maka of 4 Kings’ Bench Walk joins the Board of Governors

We are delighted to formally welcome Isaac Maka to the Board of Governors and the UKLSA. Isaac has previously assisted with activities of the UKLSA and we believe he will be a great addition to the Board and the UKLSA.



UKLSA’s 5-th Annual National Equalities Conference: ‘Promoting Equal Access to the Legal Profession and Justice’ – a great success  

Talks by Chantal-Aimee Doerries QC (Chairman of the Bar); Jonathan Smithers (President of the Law Society) and Sir Robin Knowles CBE provided excellent, informative and inspiring insights into access to justice…read more



Annual Report for 2015

The UKLSA reports another year where its work provided even greater benefits to its members and the society. Read more 



Report on the 2nd round of our Annual National Inter-Institutional Advocacy / moot Competition

The successful 18 teams of the first round competed on a complex immigration and EU law legal matter… read more 



Invited by the Bar Standards Board (BSB), the UKLSA submits detailed proposal on the Future Bar Training

We consider the training of future barristers important. For this reason, and because we represent all UK lawyers-to-be we contacted all Heads of Law Schools and Law Student Societies in England and Wales for their opinion, and we prepared our proposal based on all the responses.



Dr. Markus McDowell is awarded Certificate of Outstanding Contribution

The UKLSA issues the highest award…read more



Fergus Randolph QC has joined the UKLSA Honorary Board

We are delighted to welcome Fergus Randolph QC, of Brick Court Chambers, to our Honorary Board. Fergus has helped the Association with its work and we are lucky to have Fergus’ continuous help and support.



2014-15 Advocacy & Moot Competition Concluded

The final was held at the Supreme Court on 31 March 2015 and the Competition was won by Manchester Metropolitan University. 

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