International Moot & Advocacy Competition (Digital)

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Building on 9 years experience in organising the largest national advocacy competition – as many as 60 UK educational institution:

The UKLSA is now working towards – Preparing lawyers for the digital era; and – Providing training opportunities for students, of any discipline, across the world. 




Why digital, why international and why open to non-law students?

  • We currently live in the digital era and must prepare for it.
  • We believe that digitalisation will make justice more accessible, if it is used ethically. We hope this digital competition will contribute to promoting digitalisation of legal systems to benefit all people.
  • Transactions and legal issues are increasingly more international.
  • International collaborations and exchange lead to faster progress towards improving justice for all.
  • We believe interdisciplinary efforts lead to faster progress, and we hope to encourage more people from non-legal backgrounds to join the legal profession.
  • It is now increasingly more common for people from non-legal backgrounds (e.g. have studies other subjects) to train as lawyers.


About iMAC Digital

iMAC is the 1st International  Digital Advocacy (moot) Competition. iMAC is designed:

  • to provide fair outcomes for all participants
  • to provide equal opportunity for students of all disciplines from anywhere in the world
  • to provide training for the fast changes in the provision of the legal services
  • to promote ethical advocacy and justice.

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iMAC rules

To read the rules, click here.



iMAC 2017-18

The competition was a great success. Read more here.  


iMAC 2018-19

Before registering for the competition, please read and follow the instructions on the registration page.   


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Recent competitions



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2015-16 Competition

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