Working closely with Law Schools, Law Societies/Organisations, Career Centres and Training Institutions

By working together with training institutions, societies, careers departments and other organisations we provide: better support and representation to students, trainees and pupils; better training and educational opportunities; and better contribution to justice and access to justice. We have active cooperation with law societies in over 60 Universities, career departments and many organisations and training institutions.

Membership and collaborations

Law societies and organisations


Law Schools/Training Institutions and Private Organisations

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We have secured discounts for our membership in a number of short courses. Feel free to email for more details. Discounts are available on all Goldsmiths, University of London AIR short courses, including:



International Business Law in Practice (5 days)

Advocacy (arbitration and courtroom) with Psychology (5 days)

Advocacy in one day

Academic Writing, Publishing and Presenting (5 days)

Psychology in one day

Accessible Genetics (2 evenings) 

Academic Writing and Publishing (2 evenings)

Python for Data Analysis (5 or 3 days)

The courses are open to everyone, whether for professional development, general interest or someone looking to master a new skill. We have a number of courses available that can be tailored to your individual needs.


For all course dates and more information, visit or email at