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Criteria for membership 


Law Schools, Law Societies/Organisations, Career Centres, Training Institutions and Individuals supporting the UKLSA agenda, can become members of the UKLSA.


By working together with training institutions, societies, careers departments and other organisations we provide: better support and representation to students, trainees and pupils; better training and educational opportunities; and better contribution to justice and access to justice. We have active cooperation with law societies in over 60 Universities, career departments and many organisations and training institutions.






Organisations / Institutions 


  • Joint events – using the UKLSA platform to bring together law students / graduates from universities across the UK.

  • Collaborating on common agenda, such as updating of law curricula to be in line with advancements in AI, Genetics and Technology.

  • Joining efforts in promoting ethics in the legal professions. Using UKLSA’s expertise in this filed to develop InHouse Ethics Training, including in law schools, firms, and chambers




  • Free attendance at most of our events 

  • Careers guidance from one of our professionals 

  • Participation at our AGMs

We have secured discounts for our membership on AIR Courses, Goldsmiths, University of London. Feel free to email for more details. AIR courses include Law; Law and Science; and Communication (Advocacy, and Public Speaking).


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