Advocacy training

Due to the internationality of our competition, we no longer provide free advocacy training for mooters/advocates. Doing so would provide an advantage to London based students over other students in the UK and internationally. We however have negotiated discounts for UKLSA members for the following courses:



Other non-UKLSA options

A range of courses at The Inns of Court College of Advocacy.


UKLSA options for Law schools / Organisations

The UKLSA provide advocacy training on request from Law Schools, or Law and Bar Societies, interested in providing advocacy / mooting training to their students. Depending on the hours of training required, there will be a fee.

This fee is to cover the cost of the trainer(s) who will barrister(s) (and if requested, psychologists also).

To book your training: email us at Please state the length of training required, the suggested dates and the size of the group. For larger groups more than one Barrister may be needed to provide practical training.

Please also state whether you wish the training to include scientific knowledge on individual differences (e.g. how to deal with vulnerable witnesses) and relevant brain processes.