Our work focuses on Knowledge (research, training, dissemination) and Equality (gender, ‘class’, income, DNA, other) – as essential ingredients of Justice.


  • Delivering (free) training.
  • Disseminating knowledge.
  • Lobbying for the updating of lawyers’ training to become more interdisciplinary e.g. to include knowledge on the psychology of the legal process and knowledge on origins of individual differences (behavioural genetics).


  • Raising awareness of the importance of equality for a healthy society.
  • Researching on current barriers to access to justice for all, despite background and wealth.
  • Lobbing for more equal access to the legal profession, which in turn would lead to a legal profession more representative of society, and therefore improved access to justice.

Support, Training, Publishing & much more - since 2008

Interdisciplinary research: law, genetics, philosophy & more

Equality: financial, gender, opportunities


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Interdisciplinarity in Education and Practice 

Interdisciplinarity is essential for an effective justice system e.g. to protect people from misuses of advancements such as AI and genetics.

Lawyers cannot properly represent society without basic knowledge of human behaviour (psychology and genetics), including how people differ between each-other, and origin of these differences. Lawyers without understanding of human behaviour – beyond pseudoscience and general knowledge – are, for example, much more likely to judge others, misunderstand them and to come to wrong conclusions. Some scientific knowledge would also develop critical thinking, which is essential but a rare commodity.  Read more…


Promoting ethical practices in the justice system 

Ethical awareness is essential to protecting society from abuses by justice system professionals. For example, lawyers charge fees that are similar to those for luxury services; and lawyers often charge for more time that they work, or extend the work needed for a case.


Publishing the Legal Issues Journal.

Legal Issues Journal – is a leading inter-disciplinary peer reviewed journal publishing research on all legal matters affecting justice, equality and other pressing issues for societies. Read more… 



How we work

To achieve our aims, the UKLSA:

– Work with leading research and training institutions; with law firms, chambers and judiciary; and with professionals dedicated to knowledge and equality. 

– Have created a platform for international collaborations.

– Have continuously – in all our activities – brought together academia and practice, to exchange knowledge and experience for better progress.