Our core goal is justice.

Justice cannot be achieved without equality (e.g. in income, wealth, gender)


Equality cannot be achieved without knowledge (e.g. to create better societal structures, to outsmart our inherent weaknesses, such as discrimination, greed etc.).


“Achieving justice is an ambitious but worthy endeavour.”

Support, Training, Publishing & much more - since 2008

Interdisciplinary research: law, genetics, philosophy & more

Equality: financial, gender, opportunities


Our work

Focuses on these three pillars: knowledge, equality and justice. 

Access to justice; representativeness of the legal profession; updating training of lawyers with essential interdisciplinary knowledge; ethical practices in the profession.


Advice, support, representation, opportunities.

Legal Issues Journal – is an inter-disciplinary peer reviewed journal publishing research on all legal matters affecting justice, equality and other pressing issues for societies. Read more… 


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