Following 12 years of successful operations in many areas, such as Knowledge Exchange (between UK law students, academics and practitioners), Knowledge Dissemination, Equality, Training, Professional Development, and Careers Support – the UKLSA has shifted its focus towards promoting multidisciplinary research – a shift triggered by changes brought by the pandemic and by a wider societal acceptance of the importance of multidisciplinary work. For more information, visit the website of our multidisciplinary journal, Legal Issues Journal.



Support, Training, Publishing & much more - since 2008

Interdisciplinary research: law, genetics, philosophy & more

Equality: financial, gender, opportunities


Beyond at chance level, the only path towards justice is real* knowledge.




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All our administrative work is done on a voluntary basis; and funding raised is used for projects only. 



* Real knowledge is that which is based on findings/facts – see Democritus ~450 BCE  Real vs. Bastard Knowledge



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