Work experience

Equality and Work Experience:

Work experience can be expensive, especially if you do not live in London; however that should not stop you from doing it to see if you actually like law and want to eventually become a lawyer. As follows, some suggestions on how to gain work experience for in both main areas of the law.


  • Vac schemes are paid for (London based firms paying roughly £300 per week), which should cover your living costs / transport. Please check individual law firms for more information as to application timelines and compensation.


  • Funded mini – pupillage: many chamber now offer funding/ payment during your time at the Chambers, please check individual chambers for more information.
  • Mini pupils are in general paid (cover the cost of transport costs), please check individual chambers for more information
  • Pegasus Access Scheme: a scheme which aims to help ensure that the Bar is available to all, applications are needed in order to apply for financial help. Please consult the website for further information –


  • Pro bono work can be done at your university
  • Work in legal centres / law firms near to where you live
  • Attend open days, law fairs, career events
  • Mooting, debating, public speaking
  • Visit courts

After all any legal experience is good experience!