1. Meeting and social for university Law Society Presidents from across the UK: Held on 21 February, this event was organized with the aim of building a relationship to better coordinate events at a national level.

2. Schools Programme (life as a law student): On 29 June 2009, a presentation was made at Westminster School, London. This presentation to sixth form students gave them a taste of what it is like to study law, what career options you have, and how to apply to university for a law degree.

3. Trip to the European Court of Justice: Between 18th and 20th March, students were invited to the ECJ in order to attend court cases and speeches by prestigious judges and academics.

4. ‘Bar Forum’ hosted by LSE: Held on 24th February, the event involved interaction between students interested in the bar, and barristers and pupils. Students enjoyed short speeches by numerous barristers and were given the opportunity to ask questions and mingle with them. This provided an informative session that also allowed for networking. All law students in the UK were welcome, and the majority of attendees were from the LSE, UCL, Queen Mary, City University and BPP Law School.