Press: Certificate of Contribution

Dr. Markus McDowell is awarded Certificate of Outstanding Contribution

I am delighted to announce that today the UKLSA has issued the highest award – a Certificate of Outstanding Contribution. My colleagues and I are very pleased to note that the performance/contribution of an Executive committee member, Dr. Markus McDowell, has been evaluated as outstanding. Over the years, hundreds of students and professionals have contributed to the work of the UKLSA. These contributors have generally shared some common traits, including the desire to learn, help others, and contribute to the society. There has also been a correlation between these traits and the quality of performance, for which, in exceptional cases, we have issued awards, including ‘The Contributor of the Year’ and ‘Liaison of the Year’ awards.

Dr. McDowell has been part of the Association since 2012 when he joined as an Editor of our Journal, Legal Issues (previously, the UK Law Students’ Review). We continuously received excellent feedback for Dr. McDowell’s work from our previous Chief Editors, and in early 2015 Dr. McDowell was promoted to Chief Editor. As Chief Editor Dr. McDowell has been highly successful in improving the quality and presence of our journal. We are pleased to recognise these achievements by issuing the highest award – a Certificate of Outstanding Contribution to Dr. McDowell.

Fatos Selita

President of the UKLSA

15 August 15