Fatos Selita

Founder of UKLSA.

Fatos is a Barrister of England and Wales and an Attorney and Counselor at Law of the State of New York, USA, with multi-disciplinary training, including Law, Genetics, Psychology, Engineering and Strategy.  He is a Lecturer and Director of AIR Courses at Goldsmiths, University of London, which include, – Genetic Law: Genetics, Law and Ethics; – Psychology for Lawyers: Brain, Mind and Behaviour; – Decision Making: Brain, Mind and Behaviour; – International Business Law in Practice; and – Public Speaking; a Lecturer at Tomsk State University (TSU), and a Visiting Lecturer at Higher School of Economics University, Moscow. He directs: IBL Consultancy, and the Institute of Law and Ethics, TSU; is a founding member of TAGC, The Accessible Genetics Consortium; and is the Executive Publisher of Legal Issues Journal.

Fatos’ work focuses on the intersection of science and law, including utilising science for the benefit of justice. His research focuses on Legal and Ethical Implications of Genetics, and Influences on Decision-making.

In the areas of Genomic Law and Ethics, Fatos delivers training and lectures internationally. He co-ordinates the Working Group on Legal and Ethical Implications of Genetics (LESIG), which operates in the UK and the Russian Federation; directs a module on Ethical, Legal and Societal Implications of Research; and contributes to a module on Behavioural Genetics.

In the areas of mind influences (e.g. influences on decision making), Fatos delivers training internationally, including to UK judges; is a co-developer of the MSc Human Development: Genetics, Neuroscience and Psychology at TSU; directs courses including, Neural and Psychological Processes in Decision Making; and Psychology for Lawyers: Brain, Mind and Behaviour; and works with the International Centre for Research in Human Development (ICRHD).

Fatos collaborates with research laboratories, including InLab, Goldsmiths University of London and the Laboratory for Cognitive Investigations and Behavioural Genetics, on these issues, and serves on related ethical committees. His experience includes cross-border commercial finance at Goldberg Kohn, Chicago and representing an NGO at the United Nations (UNCITRAL) on Arbitration and Security Interests.


Relevant Publications


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Book chapters

  • Kovas, Y., Tikhomirova, T., Selita, F., Tosto, M.G. & Malykh, S.B. 2016. Behavioural Genetics for Education. 1: 16-43, in Malykh, S.B., Kovas, Y. & Gaysina, D.A. Eds. 2016. Behavioural Genomics: Child Development and Education. Publishing House of Tomsk State University, Tomsk. 442 pages. ISBN 978-5-94621-585-5.
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Opinion papers

  • Selita, F. 2011. Where to Read for Your Law Degree. i-StudentGlobal.
  • Selita, F. 2009. UK Law Students – A Single Voice. The Weekly Law Reports.
  • Selita, F. 2008. Extra Judicial Experience. The Weekly Law Reports.

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– Regularly delivers invited, keynote and plenary talks at conferences, including in the UK, Russia, Indonesia and Italy.


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