Fatos Selita

Fatos Selita is the founder of the UKLSA. He is a Barrister of England and Wales, and an Attorney and Counselor at Law of New York State, USA. He has read for three unrelated first degrees (Strategy, Engineering and Law); followed by postgraduate Professional Legal Studies, Genetics and Psychology.

Fatos’ work focuses on bridging three interrelated sciences – Genetics, Law and Psychology – for example, to utilise science for the benefit of justice and to adapt laws to advancements.

Fatos is currently:

  • A Lecturer and Co-director of AIR Courses at Goldsmiths, University of London.
  • A Visiting Lecturer at a number of Universities (e.g. New Heaven, Oregon State, New York universities).
  • Director of Ws – a consultancy which brings together world-leading experts to provide science-based personalised advice and training in wellbeing and continuous self-fulfillment.
  • A founding member and Director of Law and Ethics at TAGC, The Accessible Genetics Consortium
  • The Executive Publisher of Legal Issues Journal


Research and Expertise 

Fatos has a wide range of expertise. This includes legal and ethical implications of use of genetic findings and technologies; decision making; and communication, such as public speaking and advocacy.

For example, Fatos:

  • Delivers expert training to professional audiences including the UK judiciary on technical matters such as:
    • Mind influences on decision making  
    • Human memory and justice 
  • Provides expert advice on matters of genetics and law, including to the UK government
  • Fatos collaborates with research laboratories, including InLab, Goldsmiths University of London and the Laboratory for Cognitive Investigations and Behavioural Genetics, on these issues, and serves on related ethical committees
  • Co-ordinates the Working Group on Legal and Ethical Implications of Genetics (LESIG), which operates in the UK and the Russian Federation
  • Is a co-developer of the MSc Human Development: Genetics, Neuroscience and Psychology at TSU



Research with humans; Genomic ethics;

Public Speaking and Persuasion 

In different contexts such as politics, research dissemination, management, diplomacy

Law and Courtroom Advocacy 

International Business Law and Contracts; Genomic Law (data protection, genetic discrimination etc.)

Psychology and Genetics 

Psychology for Lawyers; Genetics for Lawyers; Psychology of the Legal Process; Influences on Decision-Making 


Fatos’s past experience includes:

  • Cross-border commercial finance at Goldberg Kohn, Chicago; and
  • Representing an NGO at the United Nations (UNCITRAL) on Arbitration and Security Interests.  




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– Regularly delivers invited, keynote and plenary talks at conferences, including in the UK, Russia, Indonesia and Italy.