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The Legal Issues Journal is seeking Reviewers, Editors, and a Managing Editor.  Positions are voluntary but with numerous benefits.

  • Reviewers evaluate submissions in terms of originality, clarity, use of sources, style, and grammar – making recommendations for publication. The role of Reviewer is particularly suited to law PhD graduates and lecturers.
  • Editors work closely with the authors of accepted publications to ensure the content, structure, readability, and citation formatting meet the standards of the Journal.  In addition, Editors prepare the selected articles for publication, putting them in the final Legal Issues format. The position is suited to postgraduate law students.
  • Managing or Assistant Editors assist the Editor-in-Chief with managing the work of the Journal, including overseeing the editing process and calls for submissions.  The managing editor will also work on raising awareness, ensuring high quality of the publication and representing Legal Issues internationally. The position is suited to law PhD graduates and lecturers.

The Journal is seeking Reviewers and Editors with diverse areas of expertise.

All candidates should have:

  • experience in editing and producing academic publications;
  • ability to manage the workload within set time frames;
  • ability to promote Legal Issues to readers and potential sponsors.

About the Journal: Legal Issues receives publications from academics, practitioners, and students from around the world. For more details on Legal Issues, visit our website at

Application process: Applications for the above positions will be assessed by the Editor-in-Chief and the UKLSA Governors.

Deadline: Positions will be filled on a rolling basis.

To apply, send a cover letter (email) and your CV to

(To download a PDF of this announcement, click this link: Advert-30.03.15)