UK Law Students' Association

The UK Law Students' Association (UKLSA) assists UK law students with their careers and study and represents them at the national level. It also provides a common platform for the UK law students to share ideas, learn from each other and network with each other.

For  the last 6 years, the UKLSA has successfully assisted the UK law students through its work including:

Careers: Organising regular inter-university careers events (solicitor-oriented events; bar-oriented events; alternative careers events). Provides career advice to law students across the UK.

Mooting competition: Organising the largest moot in the country; last year, 48 educational institutions participated in the competition, including the Inns of Court. The grand final was held at the Supreme Court and was judged by Lady Hallett.

The UK Law Students' Review (UKLSR): Publishing a high quality publication with articles from PhD, LLB and LLM students and graduates across the UK.

Equalities: Promoting equal access to the legal profession through our Annual Equalities Conference. Last conference (Oct 2013), attended by more than 200 students from across the UK, was hosted by Lincoln's Inn. Speakers included Law Lords, QSs, Solicitors, Pupils and Trainees.


Lord Neuberger of Abbotsbury, Current President of the UK Supreme Court

Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers, Former President of the UK Supreme Court

Lord Bingham of Cornhill (previously)


  • The UKLSA is looking for a General Manager for a 2-year term. Read more!
  • Currently organising the 2013-14 UKLSA Mooting Competition - see our Mooting page
  • Currently publishing the new volume of the UK Law Students' Review
  • The Committee Training Day was held in November followed by a social at Paramount bar at Centre Point